I'm new to hooping, what size should I get?

The bigger, the better! The larger the hoop's diameter the slower it will rotate. This makes it easier to learn the correct movements. The best size for you is determined by 4 factors.

  1. Height

  2. Body build

  3. Experience if any

  4. Will you be using for dance, exercise, or both?

Most beginners start with sizes between 36" - 40".


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Hula hoop size chart guide hipnotic hoopla

What is the difference between Dance, Standard, Fitness, and Polypro Hoops?



5/8 Polypro hoops are featherlight and best for advanced hoop dance. 

  • Weight: 0.25 pounds

  • Tubing thickness: 1/2"


3/4 Polypro hoops are best for hoop dance. Lightweight and flexible for intermediate to advanced tricks.

  • Weight: 0.5 pounds

  • Tubing Thickness: 3/4"


Dance hoops are best for beginner hoop dance. Easy to learn both on and off body tricks. 

  • Weight: 1 pound

  • Tubing thickness: 3/4"


Standard hoops are best for beginner dance and exercise. Great for learning basic on body moves and toning those abs!

  • Weight: 1.5 pounds

  • Tubing thickness: 1"


Fitness hoops are for exercise only! Great for toning and strengthening your core. 

  • Weight: 2 pounds

  • Tubing thickness: 1"


 Take the quiz here to find out the best hoop for you!

How do you collapse the travel hoop?

All dance, standard, and fitness hoops fold down to a quarter of the full size. 


Simply locate the connectors marked with grip tape, push down and twist into an "8", and fold one circle on top of the other. The tubing will want to slip apart. All you have to do is tuck one side under the other. 


The polypro hoops coil down to collapse. You can use the insert piece provided to connect both ends. 


You should only collapse your hoop for travel. It is not recommended to store collapsed. 



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