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Design your own hoop on a budget! MOST popular choice for beginners! 

Who it's for: 
1. You could "never" hoop 
2. You want to use for both traditional exercise and dance. 
3. You want to learn waist hooping and basic beginner dance moves. 


Tubing: Standard 3/4 100psi
Weight: 1.5 pounds
Thickness: 1" 


♥ Travel Collapsible: Perfect for the on-the-go hooper! Car, airplane, train, subway- you name it! The hoop folds down to a quarter of its size and does not come apart.
♥ Pretty & Functional: the durable sparkle tape adds shine while the textured grip tape helps to keep the hoop up on your body.
♥ 100% Handmade in the USA: All of our hoops are hand-crafted with love in Connecticut. Each hoop is custom made just for you!

You Pick:
1. Size
2. Colors ( 1 sparkle & 1 grip tape)


Hoop size is measured by diameter. The diameter is the open space from connector to connector. Beginners start with a hoop that is up to their belly button. 

♥ Small: 36" ( Petite beginners & children 7-12)
♥ Medium: 38" ( Average & children 13+) *Most popular 
♥ Large: 40” ( Average to curvy) 
♥ Extra Large: 42" (Curvy)

BEST SIZE FOR LEARNING: The larger the hoop ➔ slower rotation ➔ easier to keep up
BEST SIZE FOR DANCE: The smaller the hoop ➔ faster rotation ➔ more challenging

Benefits of Hooping

✔ Fun, alternative aerobic exercise
✔ Develops core strength and flexibility
✔ Burns 7 calories a minute - ACE
✔ Relieves stress and develops a positive self-image


Custom STANDARD Collapsible Hula Hoop

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