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This hoop is perfect for entering the world of hoop dance!


Ships next day.

Tubing: Dance ½ 125psi

Size: 34" 

Weight: 1 pound

Thickness: ¾”

Who it's for:
1. Kids hula hoop 
2. You can hoop already or have a dance/fitness background
3. You want to learn on and off body hoop dance tricks


♥ Travel Collapsible: Perfect for the on-the-go hooper! Car, airplane, train, subway- you name it! The hoop folds down to a quarter of its size and does not come apart.
♥ Pretty & Functional: the durable sparkle tape adds shine while the textured grip tape helps to keep the hoop up on your body.
♥ 100% Handmade in the USA: All of our hoops are hand-crafted with love in Connecticut. Each hoop is custom made just for you! 

BEST SIZE FOR LEARNING: The larger the hoop ➔ slower rotation ➔ easier to keep up

BEST SIZE FOR DANCE: The smaller the hoop ➔ faster rotation ➔ more challenging

Benefits of Hooping
✔ Fun, alternative aerobic exercise
✔ Develops core strength and flexibility
✔ Can burn as much as 500-600 calories an hour!
✔ Relieves stress and develops a positive self-image




Silver and Purple 34" Dance Travel Collapsible Hoop

  • Materials

    • High quality vinyl decrotive tape
    • Grip tape 
    • Durable tubing 

    100% handmade in the USA!


    Travel Hoop instructions

    Instructions on how to use our travel hoops are enclosed with your purchase. 


    Care instructions

    Instructions on product care are enclosed with your hoop. 

    We strongly recommend that you collapse your hoop for travel and not for storage. This can cause miss-shaped tubing and damage the connectors. Exposure to heat when collapsed can cause the tubing and connectors to warp. Never leave your hoop in a hot car for long periods of time. 

    Special notes on ⅝ and ¾ Polypro Hoops

    Because of the nature of this tubing, there is a significant chance of kinking with aggressive tricks or while attempting to fully coil down for travel. Coiling your hoop in extremely cold temperatures can lead to bent or cracked tubing. We strongly recommend that you coil your hoop halfway and secure for travel, like how it was shipped it to you.



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