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How to use your travel hoop

Figure 8 Style

Dance, Standard, & Fitness Hoops

Your hoop arrives in the collapsed position. Please read all instructions and reach out with any questions. Happy Hooping!


Push Button Style

Kids,   Polypros,   and pet  hoops

Your hoop ships coiled down as pictured below. It is secured with filamanet tape. To open, simply cut the tape and conenct the push button. For larger diameters (36"+) you may have to let the hoop rest to naturally expand before use. Leave it on the ground for a few hours and it will expand.

For travel, you can coil the hoop down about 3/4 of the way and secure with zips ties or filament tape. For larger diameters (38+) you can coil the hoop down completely and connect the push button. 

download (58).png
download (59).png
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