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Everything You Need to Know About Choosing a Hula Hoop

Polywhat? You've just discovered the world of hoop dance and it's confusing! Who would have thought? Well you came to the right place. Pro Hooper and the Owner of Hipnotic Hoopla, Kailey is here to break it down for you.

I could never hoop, what's the secret?

Kailey: Never say never! The hula hoops at Walmart and the dollar store are made for kids. You need an adult hoop! It should come up to your belly button or even a little higher when rested on the ground. The bigger and heavier the hoop the easier it is to do. It moves slower around your waist, giving you time to learn the motion.

Check out this video by the infamous Deanne Love!

What size should I get?

Kailey: Our hoops are measured by the outer diameter. The is the empty space from connector to connector including the width of the tubing. If you measure from the floor to your belly button, that is the size you will need. Most beginners start with a hoop that is 36" to 40".

What are the different kinds of tubing?

Kailey: Good question! The type of tubing depends on the weight. The fitness is heaviest and polypro is the lightest. A heavier hoop is better for toning and learning tricks while a lighter hoop is best for perfecting your skills.

If you want to hula hoop for weight loss and are not interested in the dance aspect then the FITNESS HOOP is for you! It is the heaviest at 2 pounds and is perfect for toning and slimming the waist. This hoop is heavy and recommended for waist hooping only. Get this hoop if you could "never" hoop before.

Want to learn hoop dance and exercise? The STANDARD HOOP is what you will need. It weighs 1.5 pounds and it perfect for traditional exercise moves as well as beginner dance tricks.

Only interested in dance? You guessed it, grab a DANCE HOOP! It is lighter and weighs 1 pound. This tubing is perfect for learning both beginner and intermediate moves. This is also the correct hoop for kids over 5.

Already know some tricks and looking to take your flow to the next level? A POLYPRO HOOP is lighting fast! This tubing is responsive and bouncy, unlike the dance tubing which is somewhat rigid. Best for tricks like breaks, reversals, and fast ninja style flow. Two options are available: Beginner 3/4 and Advanced 5/8. The beginner polypro weighs 0.5 pounds and the advanced polypro weighs 0.25 pounds.

Do I need grip tape?

Kailey: If you are just starting out it really helps! The grip tape is a cloth material that gives some texture to your hoop to help keep it up. The sparkle tape is pretty but also very slick. It's best to get a mix of both on your first hoop.

Check out all of our hoop designs here.

I want to travel with my hoop. Are they all collapsible?

Kailey: Yes! The dance, standard, and fitness hoops are all figure 8 collapsible. They fold down to 1/4 of the full size. The polypro hoops coil down to collapse. A diameter size 36" or over will coil down completely and secure with the push button. A diameter size under 36" will need an extension piece that can be purchased here. Each hoop comes with written instructions.

Any other tips?

Kailey: Success doesn't come overnight! You need to practice. Grab a few friends and have a hoop jam. Pick 5 different tricks to practice, each working a different part of the body to avoid overuse. Search "hoop dance tutorials" on Youtube. You will be a star in no time!

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Kailey is the owner and Hoopologist of Hipnotic Hoopla. She discovered hoop dance 8 years ago and is eager to share it with the world. Say hi at

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