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Why You Should Be Hooping Everyday

You can't hoop without a smile and we can all use a little more of that! Take a look at some of the reasons to start hooping now.

And here's a few more if you're still not convinced.

1. It gives our mind a break

Our minds are constantly "on". There is always something to think about. Grab your hoop, turn on your favorite tunes, and give it a spin. Soon you may find you are not thinking at all and present in the moment. The hoop has the ability to create a state of flow or meditation. And once you find that, it's pure bliss.

2. Hooping builds relationships

Hoop dance is an activity you can do alone or together. Practice in your yard or take it to your favorite spot with family or friends. You may be surprised by all the hoopers you meet in public that say, I hoop in my yard too!

3. It's a creative skill you can work on

Nothing is greater than that feeling you get when you master a trick you've been practicing. With hoop dance the possibilities are endless. There is always something to learn and tricks to create. It's your hoop and your style. You have the ability to make it your own.

So what are you waiting for? Throw on some music and pick up your hoop. Even if it's for 10 minutes, allow yourself time to play. You deserve it.

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Happy Hooping!

- Kailey

Kailey, Owner of Hipnotic Hoopla

Kailey is the owner and Hoopologist of Hipnotic Hoopla. She discovered hoop dance 8 years ago and is eager to share it with the world. Say hi at

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