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First Time Hooper? Here's What You Need To Know Before You Come To Class.

Are we really going to hula hoop for an hour? The short answer is yes, the longer one, not in the way you think! Modern hooping has come a long way since you were a kid and you should be excited. Here's what you need to know before you come to your first hoop dance class.

1. It's okay if you could "never" hula hoop

Let's be real. The last time you picked up a hoop you were probably 6 in a contest at a birthday party. Maybe you could spin it a few times, keep it up for an hour, or if you were like me not at all. It was not till I reached my 20's that I discovered the secret to keep the hoop spinning. I can't wait to share it with you! All it takes is the correct method and a little practice. After a class or two you will be waist hooping like a pro.

2. Hoop dance is low impact

Yes, you are burning 7 calories a minute and no you will not feel like you are dying. Hooping is a total body workout that is gentle. There is no strenuous lifting or intense heart pumping moves. It's great if you are recovering or prone to injuries but it's always a good idea to check with your doc first.

3. It's all about playing and having fun

Hooping is a social activity full of play and laughter. Expect one or two games per class which may or may not include the macarena.

4. The hoop has many uses

We will tone our core, work our arms, back, and legs, stretch with our hoop and even dance!

5. It's not just for the ladies

Yes, guys hoop too!

6. There's no dress code

Wear what you are comfortable moving in! Cotton is better than spandex and bare skin is the best of all (but we can't always wear a swimsuit). Shoes or no shoes, the choice is yours.

7. Bring water, lots of it

So there it is, everything you need to know about attending your first hoop class. Come solo or bring a friend, we are all on this journey together!

Happy hooping!

- Kailey


Kailey is the owner and Hoopologist of Hipnotic Hoopla. She discovered hoop dance 8 years ago and is eager to share it with the world. Say hi at

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