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My Hoop Journey: Hoop With Cori

My hoop journey. Inspiring change, positivity, community.


Hooping full circle: age 13 and 33 with hula hoop

When I was 5 years old, I was the untalented, uncoordinated kid who had absolutely nothing to perform at the elementary school talent show. That changed the day I picked up a hula hoop. I immediately taught myself a few tricks and won the entire talent show with my performance to 'Achy Breaky Heart.' I let my Barbie hoop collect dust for several years until I needed a talent for the Miss Teenager pageant. I couldn't tap, I really can't sing, and had 2 left feet when it came to ballet. Once again, I picked up my hoop and came up with a routine and performed it for the judges. To my amazement, I was not only top 5 in talent, but the winner of Miss Connecticut Teenager!

Miss CT Teen Hoop Dance Performance

The years passed and once again the hoop collected dust. After the birth of my son, I tipped the scales at 260 pounds. Pre-Eclampsia and Postpartum Depression had left me in pretty rough shape. I didn't want to get off the couch. I wanted to sit and eat. I knew this wasn't the mom I wanted to be, I wanted to chase my son and be on the playground with him! I knew I had to get active, but how? I remembered how in-shape I was as a teen when I was hula hooping. More importantly, I remembered how happy I was. It is literally impossible to not smile while hula hooping! Surely, this had to be a workout! I Googled 'Hooping workout' and up came the FXP Hula Hoop Fitness program. I remember thinking 'Oh my goodness! This is really a thing!' So I signed up to not only do the program, but become a certified fitness instructor! Me? A fitness instructor? I literally shook the entire way up to Boston to attend the training! After a very eventful day, some studying and a practical exam, I was officially a Certified FXP Hoop Fitness Instructor!

Before and after

Before and after hooping weight loss

America's Fit Queen Official Photo

As the weight started to finally come off, I noticed something was very wrong with my body. I was cold all of the time, the scale stopped moving and felt like I was in a constant brain fog. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. Not too long after that, I was fed up with the effects of Endometriosis and decided to do something about it. Later that same year, I underwent surgery to confirm the diagnosis and remove the endometriosis. Being a hoop fitness instructor with 2 chronic illnesses is a challenge, but I strive to not only overcome these struggles not only for myself, but to also be a role model for others. Hula hooping had helped me win a title once before, so I used it once again as a catapult to winning the America's Fit Queen title! With my title, I hope to show others that anything is possible if you put your mind to it; no matter what road blocks stand in the way!

To date, I have lost 105 pounds, thanks to hula hooping! I had the honor and privilege of appearing on the Dr. Oz show as well as attend many health conferences. I am currently in the process of obtaining additional fitness certifications and growing my business, Hoop with Cori.

Cori appearing on the Dr. Oz Show

Cori Magnotta is a wife and mom who lives in Portland, CT. She teaches Hoop Fitness in Portland, Cromwell and special events throughout Connecticut. Her 3 favorite things are 1.) Her husband. 2.) Her 3 year old son and 3.) Her Hipnotic Hoop of course!

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